Silverstein – True Romance tab

So here it, my first tab. I think I would have never made one, if the one which you can 
on this site wasn't this bad.

The only part of the song, I'm afraid could not be 100% right, is the chorus. But as I 
able to get the exactly right
chord, I decided to insert a B, because it still allows to sing the right melody. Think 
just use additional notes which I'm not
able to identify just by listening to the record.

The rest is definitely right - so enjoy yourself. Great song

Ebm             B
I'm not here to judge you
I'm just Here to Tell you
What You Have Done Wrong

Verse 1
G#m  B	       F#    C#
     Beautiful girl, looking her
G#m   B           F#     C#
Best, takes off a towel, puts on a
G#m    B         F#      C#
Dress, Fixes her Hair to look good for
G#m  	    B          F#         C#
Someone Who Waits in a car to go to a
G#m   B		F# 	C#
Motel     		to a
G#m   B		F# 	C#
Motel     		I may

G#m B F# C#
Not Always, be
G#m B              F#     C#
Perfect, But, I'll Always Try

         Ebm C#   B                   F#             
Will You Say Your Prayers, Just to Be Honest With yourself
         Ebm  C#   B                      F#         C#
Will You Save Your Soul. Is this what you Wanted All Along

Verse 2
Husband Can't Bear to just lie to
Himself, Stock Market Falls And He Loses It
All, He Sleeps Alone For the Third Time this
Week, He's Become Numb He Just wants this to
Be, Wants this to Be

Bridge (just switch between Bbm and B - the rhythm should be easy to get by listening to 
Blood On the Floor!
What Have You Done?!
Heart In your Hands!
What Have you Done?!

Outro (Same Chords As Verse)
Beautiful Girl Sleeps by
Herself, Half the Beds Cold, She Knows its Her
Fault, Shes Given In And Admitted
Defeat, But She'll Be Fine ( Ending on G sounds pretty good)
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