Silverstein - The Tide Raises Every Ship tab

The Tide Raises Every Ship
A Shipwreck In The Sand
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Key: B

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G#m -  466444
E -    022100
B/Eb - x698xx

Intro: G#m E G#m E B/Ebe|-------2---|-------2---|-------2---|-------2---|-------2---|B|-----4---4-|-----4---4-|-----4---4-|-----4---4-|-----4---4-|G|---4-------|---4-------|---4-------|---4-------|---4-------|D|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-1---------| x3A|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|E|-4---------|-0---------|-4---------|-0---------|-----------|
G#m E G#m E B/Eb Fire Burns In Me
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