Silverstein - Three Miles Down chords

“Three Miles Down (Saves the Day cover)”
A Shipwreck in the Sand (bonus track)

Popularized by Saves the Day from their album
“Can’t Slow Down (1998)”

C G Em F Oh great here I go again I'm stuck in this
C G Em Frut and I'm not sure how to begin- oh should I
C G Emtell you everything oh? I'm feeling out of
F C G F C G Emluck- so I won't see you soon 'cause I know
F C G F (hold)it's too soon- for you to see me-
C G Em If this is the last thing you do just tell
F Cme that it's o.k. for me to have these
G Em Ffeelings for you and it's normal to want to
C G Em F Ccall you. Oh I'm dialing the phone and I'm
G F C Gletting it ring for hours and I'm pretending
Em F C G Fto hear your voice- Why does my heart always
G Cbeat before yours does?
G Em (hold)After a while you can
Fmake yourself believe in
G C G Am F Galmost a-nything, I'm making myself believe
C (hold)in you.
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