Silverstein - Live To Kill chords version 1

Live To Kill
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Key: F#

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Ebm -  x68886
B -    x24442
F# -   244322
C# -   x46664
G#m -  466444
Bbm -  x13321
Bb/D - x587xx


We live to kill each other
We are the wealthy and the poor
We shout but we don't listen
All we want is more

Interlude: Ebm--B--Ebm--B-F#-G#m-Bbm- x2

Verse 1:

Ebm B Shut the door
F#You're letting the darkness out
It's just about the
C#time to watch you die
Ebm B Close the blinds
F#We're hiding our skin from sun
Where you become
C#yesterday's headlines
Refrain 1: Sing:
Ebm C# B B(hold) I never said that I was sorry
Chorus: Growl:
Ebm B We live to kill each other
Ebm B F# G#m Bbm Ebm We are the wealthy and the poor
BWe shout but we don't listen
Ebm B F#-G#m-Bbm-All we want is more
Verse 2: Sing:
Ebm It will be beautiful
BWhen I'm catching in the life I stole
F#With the perfect sound at the perfect time
C# Bb/DAll the single words I forged to line
EbmIt is safe to say to forget your name
BWhen the song I wrote's on the stereo
F#I don't have to justify
C#Paying your dues is a
Bb/Dwaste of precious time
Refrain 2: Sing:
Ebm C# What would you leave
B B(hold)when you could follow?
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Sing:
B C#More than we deserve
EbmRealize our potential
F#Maximize our return
B C# We'll conserve
EbmA portrait of everything perfect
F#And aim every house has heard
Refrain 3: Sing:
Ebm C# I'd take it all and
B B(hold)leave you nothing
(Repeat Chorus twice) Outro: Growl:
Ebm B Ebm B F# G#m Bbm Ebm B Ebm All we want is more
B F# G#m Bbm(hold)All we want is more
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