Silverstein – Departures Acoustic chords

"Departures (acoustic)"
This is How the Wind Shifts (Deluxe Edition)

Capo 1
Standard Tuning
Note: Both the original and the acoustic versions have the
      same key signatures.

Intro: Am

Am G FI'm dying here before your eyes inside of darken circles
C Am G F CI'm afraid of savage things I fought to keep away
Am G F C AmBefore I found out just what I found that I knew you'd become
G F G#--GNow you know the things I'm running from...
CYou could help me hide
F Am In the places I once lived and lost the one
G# G C Now you know the things I'm running from...
F CNow you know the things I'm running from...
Am--G Csus4 FYou're killing me kid, but I know your intentions are good
Am G FI read what you wrote out, asked me to slow down, I should
Am G Csus4 FI think you're trying to make it seem like it never could've meant enough
Am G FBut what I'm hearing you say is that you're running away 'cause it meant too much
Am--G Csus4 FSo this isn't easy, I know the weather here number is best
Am G FSan Francisco got cold as I read your note walking van next to Oak
Dm CYou said I guess I'll be home soon but things will be different I'm sure
F FmSo I thought that you should know if things are gonna change when you come home
AmMaybe this time don't...
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