Silverstein - Your Sword Versus My Dagger tab

Your Sword Versus My Dagger
Discovering The Waterfront
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Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
Dm -  x00231
Bb -  x13331
F -   133211
C -   x32010
C/E - 032xxx

Intro: Dm---Bb--F-C/E x2

Lead: Dm, 11/12 beat Bb F C/Ee|-----------------------------|-----|---|----|B|-----------------------------|-----|---|----|G|-----------------------------|-3-3-|---|----|D|-----------------------------|-3-3-|-3-|-2--| x2A|-------7--8-7-------7--8-7---|-1-1-|-3-|-3--|E|-8h10---------8h10---------8-|-----|-1-|-0--| x2
Verse 1: Growl: Dm I'm cutting through Bb you're bleeding out Sing: F And I would tell the truth but I can't C help myself Growl: Dm Red rushes out Bb dissect this nerve Sing: F And I'll stop myself C/E before I reach my cell Chorus: Bb C I wasn't asking Dm(Do intro 1st bar) for the world Beat switched to 3/4 Bb And you know that C I'm not one to Dm(Do intro 1st bar) follow through Beat Switched back to 4/4 Bb All these city streets C the people look the same Dm And I can see your face and I can F hear your name Bb C I wasn't asking for the world Verse 2: Growl: Dm You're stabbing in Bb permanent scars Sing: F And you'll justify it C all inside yourself Growl: Dm You've finished me Bb my pulse is gone Sing: F And you're satisfied C/E to put this all to hell (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: Dm--- x14 Bb--C Bridge: Beat switched to 3/4 Sing: Dm Drink the poison F when you think it's over (Drink the poison) Bb Stabbing yourself F when you think C/E it's too late Dm Tragic endings are F your thing you love them (Tragic endings) Bb You love letting go F C/E the ending's the same Dm Drink the poison when F you think it's over (Drink the poison) Bb Inevitable Growl: F Verona lives C/E inside of you (Repeat Chorus)
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