Silvertide - Foxhole Jc tab

every string is tuned down a half step
ex: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

the simple chords that the song plays with are Am:577555  C:35553   G:355433

H=hammer on    /=slide     V=vibrate

/=slide down rest of neck

E--------5--------5-----5---------(5)------|B--------5--------5-------5----------------|G-------------------4/5------4V------------|D-5H7------5H7-----------------------------|A-----7--------7---------------------------|E------------------------------------------|"brothers, sisters, the war is coming...
E--5-/-5/-5/-5/----------------3------------|B--5-/-5/-5/-5/----5-----------3------------|G--5-/-5/-5/-5/------5---------5------------|D--6-/-6/-6/-6/-----------5-----------------|A--------------------3--------5-------------|E-----------------------------3-------------|"get down, down, down ,down, we got one unit lost and the others too proud...
Am C G You're a Foxhole jesus christ anyone can be D a hero if they dont think twice Am C G You foxhole jesus christ don't be a martyr man
the last part is the part thats slower and that's just the Am:x02210 Dm:xx0231 G:320003
Am Dm GE-------------------------1---------3------|B-----1--------1--------3---3-----0---0----|G---2---2----2---2----2--------------------|D-2--------2-------------------------------|A------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------3----------|"War, war what is it for...
That's pretty much the song listen to the song to get the timing perfect and sry but i figure out the solos rock on
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