Simon And Garfunkel - E Bye Love chords

Song title: Bye Bye Love 
Performed by: Simon and Garfunkel
Album: Bridge Over Troubled Water
Chords interpreted by: Hans Julian Sloman

Sound available on YouTube /watch?v=d0gLnfSgdLA

The song seems to be using only the chords B, F# and C# (and E5 in the intro); 
however there are multiple ways of creating those sounds. 
Another version available on here tells you to play 
A, E, and B, (and D5) while using a capo in 2nd fret. 
However getting from E to B can be awkward for beginners, 
so here's a version that I came up with that might make it 
easier for you, while still being able to play along with the song 
(e.g. not in a different key):

Capo 7th fret

INTRO:  C  A5  F   F  A5  C

F CBye bye, love.
F CBye bye, happiness.
F CHello, loneliness.
C G CI think I'm gonna cry.
F CBye bye, love.
F CBye bye, sweet caress.
F CHello, emptiness.
C G CI feel like I could die.
C G CBye bye, my love, goodbye.
C GThere goes my baby
G CWith someone new.
C GShe sure looks happy;
G CI sure am blue.
C FShe was my baby
F G'till he stepped in.
GGoodbye, to romance
G CThat might have been.
C GI'm through with romance.
G CI'm through with love.
C GI'm through with counting
G CThe stars above,
C FAnd here's the reason
F GThat I'm so free:
GMy lovin' baby
G CIs through with me.
(CHORUS) (repeat and fade) Goodbye, my love goodbye.­ (some more notes: -7th fret is quite far up for a capo, so it only works on good acoustics or electric guitars -play A5 simply like a normal A except you only hit the A, D and G string/or you can mute the B string. -If you don't care for playing/singing along with the record, there are lots of easy variations available (e.g. Transposing, with change of key). For example you could play C, G, and D; or D, A, and E; or you can play the version described here without a capo.
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