Simon Brading - My God Who Are Ya chords

Hey guys, this is my first tab so please forgive any mistakes I may have made. 
This is a song Simon did at the mobilise conference and I'm sure will do at the 
newday event. It's a great song and I had a crack at putting some chords together for it. 
Hope you enjoy! 
Feel free to let me know if you think I've gone wrong somwehere.


INTRO: Am    Em    Am    C

Am EmSee the mighty battle Jesus has won
Am CFor the enemy has been overthrown
Am EmJesus high and lifted up on a cross
Am CWon the victory whilst Satan was crushed
Am EmWho are ya? Who are ya?
C DO death, wheres your sting!
Am EmWho are ya? Who are ya?
C DYoure not singing anymore!
G My God overcame and
C My God defeated Satan
Em D Dsus4 My God can never be held down
G My God, you have saved us
C Em My God, you are Christus Victor!
C 1. Intro chords into V2 The undefeated man 2. D Dsus4 (back into chorus) VERSE 2: Now were standing in the wake of your cross And the darkness has no hold over us Jesus high and lifted up on your throne Ruling history with death overthrown
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