Simon Joyner - The Arsonist chords

He plays F - 033211

Intro : C, F, C, F

C F CFirst you burned your own house down
F G CThen you sold the ashes to the clown
F G C AmWho painted his brow with thunderclouds
F GAnd pulled flowers out of his mouth
C F CThen you grabbed the bouquet and flew
F G CFrom everything that asked to much of you
F G C AmBut the future gives birth to both sorrow and mirth
F GIt don't matter what you say or do
C F CAnd now, you pray for a dry canteen
F G CSo you can dare an empty sky to rain
F G C AmThen you shake your fist, you can't resist
F GDoes anybody feel your pain?
F G C You're alone and you can't go home again
F G C FThey look for you in the leaves of magazines,
C F C F GIn picaresque stories, in penny arcade portraits of Lauren Bacall
C G C FWhile I look for you in the dye of canceled stamps,
C F C F GIn the panic of sirens, in the vanishing kite strings of airplane exhaust
F G CBut nobody can catch the arsonist
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