Simon Says - El Ess tab

Band:simon says
Song: Eless

im pretty sure this is right this song maybe slo but it kix ass if you like old machine 
youll like this i no this is right i searched for this tab for 2 weeks this is the only 
youll find it thank me fukrs  does any one have mudvayne tab for the first cd and no ld50 isnt the first

1-------------------------------------------------------------------|2-------------------------------------------------------------------|3-----15--12--14----------------------------------------------------|4-------------------------------------------------------------------|5-------------------------------------------------------------------|6--0----------------------------------------------------------------| (x2)
1234--3--3--------------------0-|5--3--3 -------------------0-|6--3--3 (x17) then --0-----|
..yellow and black1-----------------------|2-----------------------|3----14--13--14------15-|4----------------14-----|5-----------------------|6-0---------------------|
keep doing that then go into the chorus and follow up the second time with 1 2 3 4 5 6--0*--0-0-0-3-0--0*--0-0-0-3-0----> it may be the sixth string or a full chord with three i dont no play around with it this is my first tab ive only been playing 6months anyone have tips have fun with this song i dont no the rest so if you can finish it email it to me late
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