Simone Felice - New York Times chords

Simone Felice - New York Times

capo 2nd

Am   C    Em    G

Am C EmHetti Blackbird, Hetti Blackbird, Hetti Blackbird,
Gthat's the Indian's name
Am C Out in South Dakota, he stole a gold Range Rover
Em Gand he drove it all over the empty plains
Am C While Apache pilots haunt the River Tigress
Em Gin the laughing silence of the desert night
Am C & the price of cocaine on a favourite ball game
Em CI read it all baby in the New York Times.
A pervert from Jersey with a thirty-thirty, found them girls rehearsing in a ballet school And when he bust in point his musket he turned lilly white muslin into bright red bloom As I read it here on the coffee street pier I can't help but hear them buildings fall And the way they came down, and way they jumped out, there's no baseball glove in town That's gonna catch them all. So every New Year we come to Times Square and we all howl there when the big ball drops. Don't trust your junk mail, don't touch the third rail, and baby don't' you dare hail the King of pop. Cos the day they found him and brought his body in the things that Doctor did was enough to strike you blind. So make my Lilly white lover, oh and oh my brother, never make the cover of the New York Times
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