Simple Kid - Kids Dont Care tab

from the first album called "1",this is probably my favorite song on that 
kid plays this solo with a mouth organ but sounds great on the guitar as well,this 
is my first tab! 
it easy......

the last 2 segments in this tab can also be played along with the verses of the 
someone could make out the chords it would be much appreciated!......

the tab starts at about 2:10 in the original recording after he sings the line "kids 
care about nothing at all".......

e -----------------|B -5b6-3-5b7-5-3-0-| X3G -----------------|D -----------------|A -----------------|E -----------------|
e --------------|B -5-3-7-7-8-10-| X1G --------------|D --------------|A --------------|E --------------|
----------------------------------| if-i-had-a-sat-e-litee --------------------------------|B -8--10-8--6--5--6---8-----------| X4G --------------------------------|D --------------------------------|A --------------------------------|E --------------------------------|
e --------------8-8-8-7-3-0-5-5-5-7-5-3-0-1-1-0-3-5-3-1-0-1-3-|B -8-10-8-6-5-6-----------------------------------------------|G ------------------------------------------------------------|D ------------------------------------------------------------|A ------------------------------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------------------------------|
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