Simple Plan - Promise chords version 1


Simple Plan - Promise

Capo on 1st

Intro: C - F - G  (4x)

C Breakdown
I can't take this I need somewhere to
G Cgo I need you
I'm so restless I don't know
Gwhat to do
AmCause we've had our
rough times
FFighting all night
CAnd now you're just
Gslipping away
AmSo give me this chance
GTo make the wrongs
Fright to say
GDon't, don't
don't walk away Chorus:
C G I promise I won't
Dmlet you down you down
FIf you take my
G Chand tonight I promise
G Dm We'll be just fine this time
F GIf you take my hand tonight
C F G C F G If you take my hand tonight
C Without you I go
through the motions Without you it's
Gjust not quite the same
C Without you I don't
want to go out
GI just wanted to say
AmThat I'm sick of these fights
FI'll let you be right
C GIf it stops you from running away
AmSo just give me this chance
G FTo make the wrongs and right to say
GDon't don't don't walk away
(Repeat Chorus) Interlude: C - F (2x) Bridge:
C FTake my hand
C FTake my hand
I promise
C FTake my hand
I promise
C FTake my
Ghand Go!
Jeff Guitar Solo: A - F - C - G - A - G - F (2x) (Repeat Chorus)
C G Dm If you take my hand tonight
FAnd I'll wait you down
G C (end)to take my hand tonight
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