Simple Plan – Cant Keep My Hands Off You tab

*Note: this is only the rythm guitar

(play this 2 times)

E -------------------------------------|B -------------------------------------|G --4-4-4-4-8--6-6---------------------|D --4-4-4-4-8--6-6---4-4-4-4-8--6-6----|A --2-2-2-2-6--4-4---4-4-4-4-8--6-6----|E -------------------2-2-2-2-6--4-4----|
E -------------------------------------|B -------------------------------------|G --6-6-8--6----6-6-8--6-4-------------|D -------------------------------------|A --4-4-10-8----4-4-10-8-6-------------|E -------------------------------------|
Play this the first two times and then end with:
E -----|B -----|G --4--|D --4--|A --2--|E -----|
Then play again the verse. two times. Pre-chorus:
E ------------|B ------------|G --4---------|D --4-4-6-8---|A --2-4-6-8---|E ----2-4-6---|
Play each note once. Chorus:
E ------------|B ------------|G --6---------|D --6-4-6-8---|A --4-4-6-8---|E ----2-4-6---|
Listen to the song so you'll know how to play this. - After the first chorus we have our verse again. - Followed by pre-chorus - and ofcourse the chorus - Then we have the verse again - There's a clean part you'll have to figure yourself out - Chorus again - The ending you can play it as chorus or maybe it's better if you play it like the verse.
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