Simple Plan – Untitled tab ver. 3

This is the only guitar part of Simple Plan's untitled song How Could This Happen to Me. 
I spent about 20 minutes figuring this out by ear and other than the slide up before 
the bend on D, everything else sounds as perfect as I could get it.

pm = palm mute
/ = slide up
^ = bend
#^# = hit note, bend up, then release bend back down to original note.
h = hammer-on
p = pull-off

E|-----------------------------------------------------------7-6------8/10\8---|B|----------------------------------------10^---7h9p7------------7----8/10\8---|G|-----------------------------------6-8---------------------------------------|D|-------------6^6--4-4-/6-----4-6-8-------------------------------------------|A|--22--2----/4----------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| pm
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