Perfect chords ver. 3 with lyrics by Simple Plan for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Simple Plan – Perfect chords ver. 3

Uhmmm ok this is the easiest version and the best version of the song perfect by simple 
plan. ok this it goes, there is one bar chord but dont worry, its very easy. :) ok this 
how it goes.

G Hey Dad look at me
A Think back and talk to me
Bm Did I grow up according
G To plan?
G Do you think Im wasting
A My time doing things
Wanna do?
Bm But it hurts when you
G Disapprove all along
And now I try hard to make it
Bm D (one strum) I just want to make you proud
Bm Im never gonna be good
G Enough for you
I cant pretend that
A Im alright
G And you cant change me
( One down strum only)
D Cuz we lost it all
A Nothing lasts forever
Bm Im sorry
G I cant be Perfect
D Now its just too late
A And we cant go back
Bm Im sorry
G I cant be Perfect
D A Bm G until the end of the song :) There you have it :) Enjoy :D
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