Sinead Quinn – I Cant Break Down tab
(I hope there are enough URL's to see who the artist is..she is from Fame academy..10qx) 

Artist:Sinead Quinn
Title:I can't breakdown

I submitted this tab a while go and has taken a long time to appear(3weeks)!!!

I d like to thank ultimate guitar 4 giving us the opportunity to shoW our talent
on the net. Many people all over the world use it including me in Malta, David my
friend in holland and other friends in malta jon and maresca.
I like to thank the others too steph malta, bobbie in uk..Thanks all of
you out there enjoy the song and don 't be frightened to attempt figuring out a
song of your own.Don't hesitate to correct me ..I know I am not

       Dm                       Am
Now I know I can handle this
                         E                               F
I'll close my mouth and clench my fist
           Dm                           Am
I've lived this day in a thousand ways
                       E                           Dmaj
But there's a flaw to add to my list
            Dm                      Am
Go on squeeze a little more
                E                              F
If you scream I'll just ignore you
                Dm                                 Am
I've rehearsed this scene in a million dreams
                          E                    Dmaj
You're getting closer to my core


I'm so damn frustrated
Losing breath and now I'm shaking
   C                                                    G
Gotta keep myself from breaking down
Someone get me out

 Fmaj7             Chorus
Tear don't you fall
 G                  Dmaj
Eyes don't you cry
  Am                                        C
Need to get me round this corner
     G                             Dmaj
I can't break down, break down
   Fmaj7             C
Pride don't cave in
    G                  Dmaj
Head don't let go
   Am                                          C               
While I'm open and you can read me
                G                  Dmaj
I can't break down, break down
I've locked it out for long enough
Got really good at playing rough now
I've been prepared
And not really cared
For being brave is getting tough

Chin now don't you quiver
Hands don't start to shiver
Gotta keep myself from breaking down
Someone get me out, someone let me out

You smile like the cat that's got the cream
I'm vulnerable and I know you see me
There's so much I wanna say
But this lump in my throat makes me walk away
Away, Away

Tear don't you fall
Eyes don't you cry
Pride don't cave in
Head don't let go

Break down, I can't break down
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