Sister Hazel – Take A Bow chords

Take a Bow – Sister Hazel
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[Intro Am 4x]
Am GTake your reasons and your conscience too,
Save your stories for somebody new, [Am G] I know your one in a million but that ain't enough for me, [Am G]
F G Am GHow was I supposed to know it was all a show.
C GSo baby take a bow,
Am FSmile for the crowd,
C GI’m already over your crying shoulder,
F G So you go your way
Am [first time]and I'll do the same.
[v2] Leave your memories they just wash away, [Am G] and in your diaries you can make what you did ok. [Am G] How was I supposed to know, it was all a show [F G Am G] [Chorus]
G... you should really...
Dm F...the same, the same
Dm C Am FDo you even hear yourself or half the things you say,
Dm C Am GDo you even know the lives you’ve thrown away,
[Riff] [F Am G G 2x] [Chorus - softly] should really... [Chorus] should really... [Chorus]
Dm F Dm F...and I’ll do the saaame, yeah the saaaame
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