Sister Hazel - Beautiful Thing chords version 1

Capo on 4th fret (all chords relative). Standard Tuning.

Verse 1:
[Am] [Em]Well I'll follow you wherever
[F] [C]When you lead me by my nose
[F] [C] [G]On another big adventure, I suppose
[Am] [Em]Then you lay me down in clover
[F] [C]With their petals on my back
[F]I should make some time
[G] [C]To do more things like that...
[G]Won't you sing to me your poetry,
[F] [C]Won't you take me to your home,
[G]Won't you be with me forever,
[F] [C]So I'll never be alone.
[Dm]And just one thing....
[F]If you're my queen...
[C]It's a beautiful thing...
[G] [Dm] [F]Yeeeaaahhh La La La La La La
[C]It's a beautiful thing...
[G] [Dm] [F]Yeeeaaahhh Yeeeeaaaeeee Yeeeaaaahhhh
Verse 2: Well I'm buried in my bedroom Under fourteen feet of clothes; I could drown in all this clutter I suppose... But then you're standing in my doorway, With a suitcase on your back, And it blows my mind When you do things like that Chorus Solo (same as Verse) Bridge:
[Dm] [G]Yeah, reminding me
[Am]Well I might be poor
[F]But summers free...
[C] [F] [C]For me, I didn't know I was sleeping
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