Sister Hazel – Your Winter Acoustic tab

Seeming as this is a good song to play but hard to find chords for i made
my on and it sounds pretty good.

Standard tunning

intro G  D  Em  C

G                  D                            Em
Grey ceiling on the earth well its lasted for a while 
take my thoughts for what they're worth Ive been acting like a 
G                            D
child and your opion what is that its just a different point of
Em            C
G               D                       Em        C
what else can I do said im sorry and im sorry ooh ooh
G                        D                        Em
I said im sorry but what for if i hurt you then i hate my self 
           C                       G
Dont wanna hate my self dont wanna hurt you
D          Em                      C                    D
why do you choose that pain if you only knew how much i love you

love you

G      D      Am         C
I wont be you winter 
G      D     Em          C
I wont be anyones excuse to cry 
G       D     Am     C
We cant be forgiven
G   D         Em
and I will be here

solo over intro then verse the same as the first
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