Sister Hazel - In The Moment tab

G        G/C

               Em                            Gsus/C
Well if you're wondering where I've been all evening
        Em                     Gsus/C
If you think that I've drifted off
         Em                                 Am 
Without leavin' here I've finally found the answers

      Am/G    Am/G 3rd    D
Don't worry,  I'm not    lost


G   G/B        C          D
I'm     in the moment
    Em                C           G            D/F#    
The one where nothing matters and everything's alright
     Am               G/B             C                 D
I'm seeing things so clearly now and you're the reason why
                     CX CX1 CX2 CX1
I'm in the moment
          G   F   C            G   G/C
And I've alive        I'm alive


          Em                            Gsus/C
I've been restless but you have been so patient
       Em                   Gsus/C
Well I carelessly wasted my time
        Em                         Am 
But you left the door open and you kept the light on
    Am/G       Am/G 3rd    D
You waited for me to      arrive



    G   F   C
I'm Alive



Am                            G
Well I've finally come around, And now I see

Am                       Am/G 3rd          D
Every road has taken me, where I wanna be, I wanna be



                 CX CX1 CX2 CX1
I'm in the moment

    G   F   C            G      G/C
I'm alive [3x]

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