Sisters Of Mercy – Body & Soul tab

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Body & Soul is another 2 stringer, like Alice.  Actually, most of it is only one string, the two  
strings come in later.


That was the main riff, the chorus thang follows:

(Let the notes hang)

Then theres that middle part, which is a bunch of harmonics on the 12th fret that I can't  
recall at this point in time (I once knew the whole song, but the band I'm in now isn't  
exactly hot on the gothic scene)

The only part of the solo I remember is from the No Time to Cry bootleg, so it probably isn't  
exactly what the studio version is

E{--12--14--15---15------}B{12-12--12-----12-12-15-14}-- X4 --
The bass part varies more, and is fun to play. Intro&middle sequence(w/ all the harmonics): A}-----7-----------5-----------3-----} E}5-7--5-----3-5---3----1-3-3-----5-3-1-0-----} In the middle part, the first 5-7-5 secquence is not played the first time through. The main part: D{--------4----------} A{0-2-2-2-0-2-2-5-2} Bass part at end of song: D{2-0-2-0----0-0-} A{--------2-------2-} Note: These tabs are not neccesarily the easiest way to play these, just the simplest. And besides, I'm sure there are some errors. Any corrections would be welcome, as well as more tab (especially Some Kind Of Stranger!) Later, RSE
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