Sisters Of Mercy – Some Kind Of Stranger tab

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From: (Nascent Virion.....)

This is as far as I could get with the intro to Some Kind of Stranger.

||--3--3---5--1---3--1--0------------------------------------------------------|||--0--------------------------------------------------------------------------|||--0--------------------------------------------------------------------------|||--0--------------------------------------------------------------------------|||--------------------------0--------------------------------------------------|||-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|The chord sequence at the start is :
G /////// Am// Am7/ Am/ C// D//// I think.... The Chorus is: D C B A That I hope is enough to get you going.... Something Fast: ``````````````` Am //// E// C/ - Verse G //// Bm/// Em//// - Chorus. End of chorus: Dsus2 slide up 2 frets ie
e ||----0--0--0-| b ||----3--5--5--| g ||----2--4--4--|
I was Wrong: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Verse: B D A B D A E Chorus: B D B D
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