Six Feet Under - Tomorrows Victim tab

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Author/Artist: Six Feet Under
Title: Tomorrow's Victim
Album: Haunted - 1995
Transcribed by: Son Of Northern Darkness (Felipe Cepollini)
Date: 17,18/November/2002

. palm mute
= let ring

INTROd|-----------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------|F|-----------------------------------------------|C|------9------------9---------9-----------------|G|-2----7----2-------7----2----7----2-3-3--3-4-3-|D|-0----0----0--0-0--0----0----0----0-1-1--1-2-1-| . .
RIFF 1d|-------------------|A|-------------------|F|-----------------5-|C|-2--5--3------3--5-|G|-2--5--3------3--3-|D|-0--3--1--0-0-1----| . .
RIFF 2d|------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------|F|------------------------------------|C|------9-----------9=----------------|G|-2----7----7-9-10------2-3-3--3-4-3-|D|-0---------------------0-1-1--1-2-1-|
CHORUS RIFFd|-------------------|A|-------------------|F|-------------------|C|-2=---8=---2=---3=-|G|-2=---8=---2=---3=-|D|-0=---6=---0=---1=-|
SONGSTRUCTURE: Intro: 4x Riff 1: 4x Riff 2: 2x Riff 1: 4x Riff 2: 2x Chorus riff: 2x Riff 2: 4x Riff 1: 4x Riff 2: 4x Chorus riff: 2x Riff 2: repeat 'til the end the end of the song That's all!!! Easy song, GREAT song. Comments, sugestions, or anything you want tell about the tab, send a mail.
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