Sixpence None The Richer - Brighten My Heart tab

Artist Name : Sixpence None the Richer
Song Name   : Brighten My Heart
Added By Mikhailo

Music by Matt Slocum  1998 Le Tigre Sur Un Ballon 
Horendously interpreted by Ryan Leng

Verse 1:
D          D7        Gmaj7       Gm
D          D7        Gmaj7       Gm
D          D7        Gmaj7       Gm
D          D7        Gmaj7       Gm

G          D         G
           D         G
           D         F
F2         C         D
G          D         G           D

Verse 2 Same as first, only with echos after each line.

Chorus again with echos

Soloish thing:

and then continue on with the chorus as written. Chords used
e-2--2----2----3--3--1--3--0-|B-3--1----0----3--3--1--1--1-|G-2--2----0----3--0--2--2--0-|D-0--0----0----5--0--3--3--2-|A---------2----5--2--------3-|E--------------3--3----------| D D7 Gmaj7 Gm G F F2 C
That is all you need to play and sing that song with one voice and one guitar. The solo isn't exactly what is's sorta improvised, because it's played on a dobro or something, and there are a lot of other stringed instruments playing at that point. So the solo is basically my best interpretation of how you can play that without the violins, cellos and stuff. Listen to the song. Any corrections, suggestions etc, send em my way at Also, if any of you knows how to play "Ready for the Storm" in open Cm (CGCGCEb) tuning by Dougie Maclean and sung by the late Rich Mullins, could you help me out:0) Thanks. That sure does sound perty! Praise God!
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