Sixx Am - Skin tab version 1

From their new album called "This is gonna hurt", which is amazing and recommended 
to any hard rock fan.. :P
Tabbed by: Gilad201 (

I dont know if its 100% right, but it sounds pretty good to me. 

Intro (i hope you'll figure the rythem from the song):

Bm F#m Em7 Bm F#E|--------------2----------------------------------------------------------|B|-3---3--3--5--------2---2--2--3--5-----3---0--0-2-3----3---3---2---2-----|G|-4---4--------------2---2--2-----------0---0-----------4---4---3---3-----|D|---4------------4------4-----------------2--2----------------------------|A|-2----2--------------------------------2-----------2---2-----------------|E|--------------------2----2--------2--------0-------------------2---------|
X2 Verse: Bm , F#m , Em7 , Bm F# X2 at the 2nd time it ends with G. Same chords, yoo can play this in finger picking like the intro, or in sturm picking. Chorus: G Cause they don't even know you D All they see is scars A They don't see the angel D A Living in your heart G Let them find the real you Bm Burry deep within A Let them know with all you got (intro X 1) That you are not your skin Well that's it..enjoy and comment here if you find any mistakes.
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