Ska-p - El Nino Soldado tab

It's very easy to play this song. there are just 4 cords, D, A, G and B

you play the verses like this:

first you play it clear for 4 times...

then the same 4 times but

e --x---x---x---|b --x---x---x---|g --x---x---x---|d --7---7---5---|a --5---7---5---|e --5---5---3---|
Then the bridge:
--x---x---x-x---|--x---x---x-x---|--4---7---4-7---|--4---5---4-5---| 3 times--2---5---2-5---|--x---x---x-x---|
And the refrain:
--x---x---x---|--7---5---3---|--7---6---4---| 4 times--7---7---5---|--5---7---5---|--5---5---3---|
--x---x---x---x---|--7---5---3---5---|--7---6---4---6---| 4 times--7---7---5---7---|--5---7---5---7---|--5---5---3---5---|
SO, thats all, much fun with playing it...I just have written the cords, you need a bit feeling for the beat tu play it right!
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