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Crying My Heart Out Over You

Ricky Skaggs

G                                        D
Off somewhere the music's playing soft & low
    Am                D               G
And another holds the one that I love so
                                     C                  Am
I was blind I could not see that you meant the world to me
    C              D                  G
But Like a fool I stood & watched you go


        G                        D
Now I'm crying hy heart out over you
      Am                 D                G
Those blue eyes now they smile at someone new
     G                             C               Am
Ever since you went away, I cry a little more each day
            C         D             G
'Cause I'm crying my heart out over you


     G                               D
Each nite I take the stairs up to my room
    Am               D              G
It seems I hear you whispering the blew
              G                               C                Am
I miss your picture on the wall, I hear your footsteps in the hall
           C         D             G
While I'm crying my heart out over you


chorus..... (Daniel Nicholas)
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