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Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 06:44:02 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CRD: gas_in_my_car.crd by Skankin' Pickle

Song: Gas In My Car
Band: Skankin' Pickle
Album: The Green Album (1996)
Written by Devlin
Transcribed by Luke Knox ( e-mail me!

Skankin' Pickle is a great band, and they crammed a lot of good songs
onto the one album of theirs that I have, the legendary Green Album.
Enjoy this one:

Intro: (distorted)E-------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------|G------------6-6--6---5-5--5---3-3--3-------|D---6-6--6---6-6--6---5-5--5---3-3--3---6---|A---6-6--6---4-4--4---3-3--3---1-1--1---6---|E---4-4--4------------------------------4---| G# C# C Bb G#
Verse/Chorus: G# C# C BbmE---4---4---3---1---|B---4---6---5---2---|G---5---6---5---3---|D---6---6---5---3---|A-------------------|E-------------------|
Bridge: C FmE---3---1---|B---5---1---|G---5---1---|D---5---3---|A-------3---|E-------1---|
Outro: Same as intro. Lyrics: (Verse) I put some gas in my car and I'm ready to go go go. We'll blow this town for a while, doesn't matter where we go. You think we might get away with it, I think we might get away with it but how? Oh, I've got to know how. (Bridge) Monday morning they'll be asking questions, Monday morning we'll have to answer questions, so let's get our story straight, let's tie up all these loose ends. (Chorus) I'll give you an alibi, I, I'll give you an alibi, too. We'll live together forever in our own place. We'll live together like we always wanted to do. (Verse) Radio's playing and we all know the words to the song. There's a man in the trunk and I don't think he's singing along. You think. . . (Bridge) (Chorus) (Verse) I see the red lights on top of that black and white car. Don't look suspicious cause I think we've got'em fooled so far. You think. . . (Bridge) (Chorus) (Outro) I put some gas in my car. (4x) That's the song! Let me know how I'm doing, and send me all your compliments, changes, requests, flames, etc. Thanks Luke
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