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Subject: CRD: my_hair.crd by Skankin' Pickle

Song: My Hair
Band: Skankin' Pickle
Album: The Green Album (1996)
Written by Lynette Knackstedt
Transcribed by Luke Knox ( e-mail me!

Here's a great skankable tune by SP. The chords are right, but I could
use some help with the lyrics:

Verse: (8x) C Am F GE---3---0---1---3---|B---5---1---1---3---|G---5---2---2---4---|D---5---2---3---5---|A-------------------|E-------------------|
Chorus: (4x) F GE---1---3---|B---1---3---|G---2---4---|D---3---5---|A-----------|E-----------|
Lyrics: (my own interpretation) [Verse] Set my alarm, to wake me at eleven, the sun was shining in my face when I awoken. My mom yelled at me that my friend was here at seven, I just rolled over, prayed that I was dreaming. I knew I wasn't when my dog bit me on my nose. Crawled out of bed, slipped a (?) on my head. I ran downstairs, saw my friend was standing there, looked in the mirror, saw my hair was everywhere. [Chorus] You talk talk, you talk about the future. How you think that it's funny if they've got no brain. Doesn't matter if they've got no hair. Doesn't matter if they look like (?) Look like (?) [Spoken] Oh, Lynette! I thought we had a deal: You cut your hair and I go out with you. You didn't cut your hair! I'm gonna go out with my grandmother. She's dead, Lynette, I'm gonna dig her up and go out with her. Go! I'm outta here! [Chorus] [Verse] Went back upstairs, and looked into my mirror. In my reflection, I saw it so much clearer. I didn't know, that I was so ugly, if it was dark in Central Park no one would even mug me. [Chorus] That's all, folks! I hope you like what you see. Please send me any comments, changes, questions, or help with the lyrics. Thanks Luke
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