Sketch Williams – Girl With The Pretty Name tab

This is a simple 3 chord song so i didnt include the chords for the whole thing they are 
same in every verse and chorus. Still a rockin tune. And i did not include that weird 
bridge. The chords are just G to a C back to the G then the a D.
Find True Love The Fairytale kindG--------------------D
Stuck back Here In A Waiting LineG-------------------C
Trying To Find What Happened HereG-----------------------D
Yours is the heart that I hold DearG-------------C
Move in Me As I move In YouG------------------D
Take Life easy and Know love TrueG---------------------C
Cause How I feel Wont Ever ChangeG----------------------------DGoin home to the Girl with a Pretty Name
Verse 1 G-----------------C
Where Is This And Where’d You GoG---------------------D
She Told Me this As I Walked Out the DoorG--------------------C
Stuck With The World Hanging on my backG----------------------D
Hoped One Day We Could Make It LastG---------------------C
Not today Perhaps but tommorow we couldG------------------D
Sit together as We shouldG---------------C
Move as one and Breathe TogetherG--------------------------DStorm Through all types of Weather
She Told Me Chorus Verse 2 She Started to cry when I had to leave she said please sweetheart come home to me said without you i find it hard to breathe and without you the world is nothing to me your something to me and that cannot change no matter the distance ill stay the same so when you sit so far away remember the times of us ok (Chorus)x2 Verse 5 Remember me when Im far away Sit back home don’t leave just wait i won’t forget the times we’ve shared This song was just to show that I care Move in me as I move In You Take Life easy and know love true Cause How i Feel wont ever change im comin home to the girl with a pretty name Chorus
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