Skid Row – In A Darkened Room tab

Skid Row - In A Darkened Room
(Slave To The Grind - 1991)

Solo intro: Em Ce|---------10-10---------------------------10-12--10-10-------------|B|--10-/12--------12--10--12--------10-/12---------------12--10-----|G|--------------------------------------------------------------12--|D|------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
D Ce|---------10-10---------------------------------------------------------|B|--10-/12----10----10-p8-10----10-b12r10-8---------8-10-----------------|G|------------------------------------------7-/9---------7-9---7---------|D|-----------------------------------------------------------9---7-9-----|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------7~~-|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro: Em C D C (1x) Verso 1: Em In a darkened room C Beyond the reach of God's faith D Lies the wounded C The shattered remains of love betrayed Verso 2: Em And the innocence C Of a child is bought and sold D In the name of the damned C The rage of the angels left silent and cold Pré-refrão 1: D -Am Forgive me please Em -D -C-C For I know not what I do D -Am How can I keep inside Em -D -D-D The hurt I know is true Refrão 1: C Tell me when the kiss Em Of love becomes a lie G That bears the scar of sin too deep D C To hide behind this fear Em Of running unto you D Please let there be light *(Solo 1) Em In a darkened room
Solo 1: Em Ce|---------10-10---------------------------10-12--10-10-------------|B|--10-/12--------12--10--12--------10-/12---------------12--10-----|G|--------------------------------------------------------------12--|D|------------------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
D C Eme|---------10-10------------------------------------------------------------14--|B|--10-/12----10----10-p8-10----10-b12r10-8---------------------x---x---x-------|G|------------------------------------------7-/9--------7-9-x-x---x---x---x-----| Legenda:D|--------------------------------------------------7-9-------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| x: Isso eu
não E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| não sei tirar. Verso 3: Em All the precisou times C Have been put to rest again D And the smile of the dawn C Brings tainted lust singing my requiem Verso 4: Em Can I face the day C When I'm tortured in my trust D And watch it crystalize C While my salvation it crumbles to dust Pré-refrão 2: D -Am Why can't I steer the ship Em -D -C -C Before it hits the storm D -Am I've fallen to the sea Em -D -D -D But still I swim for shore Refrão 2: C Tell me when the kiss Em Of love becomes a lie G That bears the scar of sin too deep D C To hide behind this fear Em Of running unto you D Please let there be light *(Solo 2) (C Em G D C Em D D) Repete umas 3x, baixando o volume In a darkened room Solo 2: * Não tirei. * A Base é "C Em G D C Em D D". _____________________________ Transcrito por Rafael Librenz Local: Ijuí, RS, Brasil. Data: Agosto/2002
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