Skillet - The Older I Get Acoustic chords

I'm no expert, I'm actually kind of a newby to playing guitar but the other tabs 
for this song are kinda bad so I figured I would try my hand at it.

Let me know if I miss something.

I always mute the E string for the G chords except for the last chord in the 
chorus.  I also don't have the ending finished but I figure this should give you a good start.

CThe walls between
G You and I
Dm Am GAlways pushing us apart nothing left but scars fight after fight
CThe space between
GOur calm and rage
Dm Am Gstarted growing shorter , disappearing slowly day after day
***Pre-Chorus***For this section use power chords. D E F|-------------------------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------------||----7---9----10----------------------------------------------------------||----7---9----10----------------------------------------------------------||----5---7----8-----------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D E FI was sitting there waiting in my room for you
DYou were waiting for me too
And it makes me wonder ***Chorus***
CThe older I get
GWill I get over it
Dm It's been way too long for the times we missed
Am G CI didn't know then it would hurt like this but I think
CThe older I get
GMaybe I'll get over it
DmIt's been way too long for the times we missed
Am GI can't believe it still hurts like this
***Verse2***(same chord as Verse1)
CThe time between
GThose cutting words
Dm Am GBuilt up our defenses never made no sense it just made me hurt
CDo you believe
GThat time heals all wounds
Dm Am GIt started getting better but it's easy not to fight when I'm not with you
Pre-Chorus+Chorus(1x) ***Bridge***
Am What was I waiting for
C GI should've taken less and given you more
I should've weathered the storm
AmI need to say so bad
CWhat were you waiting for
G CThis could have been the best we ever had
Chorus(1x) Good luck and let me know what I screwed up!
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