Skillet – Yours To Hold chords ver. 3

Song : Yours to hold
Artist : Skillet

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Standard Tuning

Verse 1:
D GI see you standing here
Bm A GBut you're so far away
D GStarving for your attention
Bm A GYou don't even know my name
Bm AYou're going through so much
D/F# GBut I know that I could be the one to hold you
DEvery single day
EmI find it hard to say
Bm A GI could be yours alone
DYou will see someday
EmThat all along the way
Bm A GI was yours to hold
DI was yours to hold
Verse 2:
D GI see you walking by
Bm A GYour hair always hiding your face
D GI wonder why you've been hurting
Bm A GI wish I had some way to say
Bm AYou're going through so much
D/F# GDon't you know that I will be the one to hold you
(Chorus x1) Bridge:
Em Bm AIm stretching but you're just out of reach
GYou should know
Bm AAnd I'm ready when you're ready for me
D/F# GAnd I'm waiting for the right time
A GFor the day I catch your eye
D/F# GTo let you know
A GThat I'm yours to hold
Chorus 2x Outro
Em Bm AIm stretching but your just out of reach
Em Bm A GIm ready when your ready for me. . . .
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