Skin - Just Let The Sun tab

Song:   Just let the sun
Artist: Skin
Album:  Fake chemical state
Tabber: Lucho El Majico

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e--22222222-33333333sb----!B-------------------------! X2G-------------------------!
sb: slight bend Verse 1 C I walked into the sea D Those waves, they came for me Em And on my scarlet sun A Well I will never burn C My eyes stay liquid free D Not phased by chemistry Em The whole 9 yards I see A It's dying through the haze Chorus C B Just let the sun, shine on your face Em A Only the darkness blinds your way C B You take it easy, you walk on your own Em A Look for the sunshine to find your way home C B Just let the sun, shine on your face Verse 2 C Special, these dirty deeds D They flag my pretty dreams Em I snapped away from love A When leave down on my own C Feel as attack is free D Get it via empathy Em Still you're not lost on me A I still smell the sea Chorus Bridge Em C A You'll make it, you'll make it, you'll make it G C D Ooh, just let the sun Em The sun A C D You just need the sun Em A The sun, Ooh Chorus Let ring Em to finish the song
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