Skindred - Nobody Acoustic tab

Tuning is standard apart from E string which is tuned to a low G.
This song consists of about 3 guitar parts and I got this by listening so It may not be perfect.

introe------------------------|b------------------------|g------------0-----------| X4d---------8--------8-----|a-----8s10-10-10-10------|G--0-0-------------------|
versee------------------------|b------------------------|g---------------10s12----| X4d---8---8---8------------|a--10--10--10-10---------|G-0----------------------|
back to intro
choruse-------------- e--------|b---8---------- b--------|g------7--3---0 X3 then g--------|d-------------- d-3-3--6-|a-------------- a-3 3--6-|G-0--0--0--3b4- G-0-0--3-|
back to verse. That's about it really any problems or comments email cheers
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