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Disturbing The Art of Expression
Tuning Drop A# (Drop D down 2 steps)
Tabbed by –“Ox”-
It is a very simple song...There are only a few parts to it...

Intro This is repeated while he sings....|------------|--------------------------------||------------|--------------------------------||------------|--------------------------------||-----7--(7)-|----7-------(8)---8---7---------||---5--------|-5-----5--6-----6---5-----------||------------|--------------------------------|
Listen to the song to find out how many times to repeat the riff...
Then you go back to the first part... Then you do the chorus...and after that...
Interlude part...|----------------||----------------||----------------||--(7)--(3)--(2)-||--(5)--(3)--(2)-||--(5)--(3)--(2)-|
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