Skrewdriver - Mr 9 To 5 chords

Skrewdriver  Mr. 9 to 5
G F G F G F C Bb (x2)

Verse 1
G CIt's 8 a.m. and your day has nearly started
G DYou must be at the office dead on nine
G CHey Mr. 9-to-5 it's just another day
G D GAnd you must have done the same so many times
G F G F G F C Bb (x2) Verse 2 (same chord progression) Reach the office, you sit down and have a cup of tea Read the paper and tut-tut at the news The enemies of this country are marching on our streets But you don't care so long as they don't touch you G F G F G F C Bb (x2) Chorus:
G F CHey Mr., Mr. 9-to-5
G F CWon't you tell me what you think of life?
G F CThink of all the things that you have missed
G F CDon't you want much more from life than this?
G F G F G F C Bb (x2) Verse 3 (same chord progression) Pick your daughter up from school and take her home with you You wonder why she's looking bored and down You wonder where it was that you went wrong, when she turns 'round and says Well I hope never turn out like you G F G F G F C Bb (x2) G (End of the G chord)
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