Skrewdriver - Old Albion tab

			     Old Albion - Skrewdriver
Tabbed by: Eddie Shit

Tuning: Standard

   A            E            G            D

The above pattern of strumming works very well with this song. A E G D The scent of an English meadow wafts gently through the bars A E G D The sounds of summer harvesting, can be heard from afar A E G D The beauty of old Albion, a beauty hard to beat A E G D But the heart has been corrupted by the changing power seat (Chorus) A E G D Will we stand and watch them taking our freedom away? (x2) Our warriors are slandered and thrown into their jails And kept from all their loved ones, in dungeons deep and stale They say that, self defence is no offence until the law starts with their lies They'll send you down for protecting your own, already guilty in their lying eyes Our hearts are full of love and pride for England is our home The hills and dales are in our souls and the forest ours to roam But now we lie back in our cells and think of times gone by We think back on our lives and homes and the girls who wait and cry
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