Skrewdriver - Voice Of Britan tab version 1


This is Voice of Britan, off the Voice of Britan album. Whilst the riffs themselves are
the hard bit is to know when to play them. An (x) is a muted note,which is achieved by
placing your fingers on the chord, but not pressing down, and then strumming. I tried to 
with the rythm, but for perfection listen to the song. I divided the tune into three riffs.

Here is riff A:

Here is riff B
Here's riff C:
E----------------------------------|B----------------------------------|G --5------------------------------|D---5---3---5----------------------|A---3---3---5----------------------|E-------1---3----------------------|
Right, now for the hard bit, the riff order: Riff A X 2 Riff B X 6 Riff C X 2 Riff B X 6 Riff C X 2 Riff B x 6 Riff C X 2 Riff A X 2 Riff C X 4 Ends on a C chord Any Comments, queries or praise, email, or add me at Cheers and 88 HJ
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