Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites Acoustic tab

Artist: Skrillex
Song: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Acoustic)
Album: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (2010)
tabbed by: necriononguitar
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Tuning: Standard

Capo 3 (chords are relative to the capo!)

. = Palm-Muted
~ = hold note
^ = vibrate
p = pull off
h = hammer on
/ = slide up
\ = slide down
x = mute

This is my interpretation of the song for acoustic guitar. It contains the
correct notes for the synth line and the main chords which i added.

dont pick the chords, slow strumm them (if the notes are not on top of each
other but close to that)    ->*

Main part:

C DE--------0---0-3------------------------------------|B----------3------3------(3)-----3----1-0-----------|G-----0-------------4----2--0-----------------------|D----2------------------0-----0---------------------|A---3-----------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------| d u d u d u d d u d d d u * *
EmE------------------------------------------------------|B----------------(0)----------------------3------------|G------0--2-0-2---0---2/4----4-0---------2--4-0--------|D-----2---------------------2----2-0----0-------2------|A----2---------------------2---------------------------|E---0---------------------0----------------------------| d u d u d d d u d u d u d u * * *
Interlude (with vocal parts) at 3:05
C D EmE------------------------------------------------------------------------|B--------3------0---0-0-0-------1p0-----------------3--------------------|G-----0--------x----------2ó0h2-------0--0-0-0---0----0-0-0--------------|D----2--------0----------------------2------------------------4--2-------|A---3-------------------------------2----------2-------------2-----------|E----------------------------------0-----------0------------0------------| d d d d d d u d u d d d d d d u d d d d u * * * *
Outro with Vocals: 3:18
C D Em DE------------------------------------------------------------|B-----(3)-----------3-----------------0------------3---------|G-----0----0-------2---------------------0--------2----------|D----2---4--------0---------2---2--4-------------0-----------|A---3--------------------------2-----------------------------|E-----------------------------0------------------------------| d u u d u d u u u d * * * *
C D Em DE---------------------------------------------------------------------|B-----(3)-------------3--------------------0--------3-----3-----------|G-----0-----0--------x---2--0-----4(4)----4---2--4-------2---0--------|D----2----4-----2---0--------------------2--------------0-------------|A---3-----------------------------------2-----------------------------|E--------------------------------------0------------------------------| d u u d d u d d u d u d u d d
And thatís it! Please rate, comment and correct me! Cheers...
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