Skunk Anansie - Rise Up tab

----------------------------------------Rise up baby---------------------------------------
---------------------------------------Three versions-----------------------------------

1st Novice versione---0-------0----0-------------0-------0----0--------\B-----3-1-3--------3-1-3-0-------3-1-3--------3-1----\G-------------------------------------------------2--\D----------------------------------------------------\A----------------------------------------------------\E----------------------------------------------------\
2nd Intermediate versione---12----------12----12----------------12----------12----12-----------\B------15-13-15----------15-13-15-12-------15-13-15----------15-13-----\G------------------------------------------------------------------14--\ D----------------------------------------------------------------------\A----------------------------------------------------------------------\E----------------------------------------------------------------------\
3rd Lyrics & Chords Am C My dream is to fly G G Over the rainbow so high My dream is to fly Over the rainbow so high (2x) eh.. eh.. eh.. over the rainbow so high. My dream is to fly Over the rainbow so high (x4) Rise Up donít falling down again Rise Up long time I broke Its hands. I try to fly a while so high directionís sky (2x) My dream is to fly Over the rainbow so high (4x) Try to combine chords and solo like in real song! I'ts great. See ya! Pavle_94
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