Skunk Anansie - Im Not Afraid tab

Skunk Anansie, I'm Not Afraid

Artist: Skunk Anansie
Album : Post Orgasmic Chill
Title  : I'm Not Afraid

Tabbed by Mauro Da Col


C               G
Another useless fight
C                   G
Saddened words ring true
C              G
Leaving like a saint
             F      Em
Still clouds follow you


I've seen behind your wall of words
Your sneaky with the facts
Look whose hiding now
How I've seen through cracks

          C      G 
Still I'm not afraid
    D  C       G
Not so dead afraid 
       C      G
No I'm not afraid
           F       Em      F
Now you've all the light


Beauty's all you are
Friends for days adn eternal nights
Solid head pur lights


           Am      E        
Now you've all the light
Still I feel you
By my side, by my side

Nothings useless now 
Friends always time to try
The safest hands hold me
Now I wander far
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