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From: (Daniel Meijer)
Date: 22 Jun 1995 03:03:59 GMT

"Up to our necks in it" - Skunkhour.
Notated by Daniel Meijer .

The chords seem to be based around Bb, Dm, and C, on the top 3 strings. I use different barres for 
chords o the same fret, experiment till you find something comfortable.


--5--5--5--5--5--5--5--3-----3--3--3--5--5---------|--6--5--6--5--5--6--5--3-----3--3--3--5--5---------|--7--5--7--5--5--7--5--3-----3--3--3--5--5---------|--0------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|I use my first finger to barre the 5th fret here, and hammer with my 2nd/3rd.
Lyrics: (Intro phrase repeated) Breaking free, free, almost free. (verse phrase repeated) Prettier than that butterfly I watch you head off through that night sky, The thought of you lingers like smoke drifting from my fingers. I sit, I see, there's a tree outside my room My face reflected in the pain of this moon, outside the cold rain cleanses my soul whole, The distance between the rooms of my thoughts of us all, Love, where does it come from? For days on end I would plead to the moon, Where can I find someone to strip my flesh back bare to the word begins? To strip my flesh back bare to the wind that violates my skin. (sing, hammond organ enters) Washing away, under the sun, I vanish in the street heat. Melting on tar, lost in a wave of cut-throat urban values. Looking for some, getting too few, I breathe in fumes and pipe dreams Sliding, holding... (riff repeated) Fed to the urban beast Cold as a concrete web, Your priviledge out of reach. (intro phrase) We're up to our necks in it, We're up to our necks in it. (Verse) I walk the streets of this big shitty gritty city, On a day when I'm feeling I'm living too close to the electric lightbulb in the sky. Shy, the rats with wings mingle about my feet. When I come to meet a man, a forsaken man, He is alone, he has no home, no mother, no father, no sister, no other. He cries to me, where does he send his message? To what? To whom? To why? To where would he send it? What force is going to mend it? If we wish we could help this man, Our backs may not break, but hypocrisy leaves us constantly bended, He wishes to end it. *(Sing) Progress that eats the soul of the past Demolished, lost, and rebuilt. Dehumanised, regimented, with nine to five the doctrine. Give me the sky, red behind the grey Buildings framed in a sunset Sliding, holding....(2nd time to **) (Riff) Fed to the urban beast We are pumped through collapsing veins so fast we barely speak. **(intro phrase) We're up to our necks in it We're up to our necks in it. (First time to **)
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