Sky Sailing – A Little Opera Goes A Long Way tab ver. 3

Chords: D D(2) Dno3 Dno3(2)G E A|-2----5----0----5------3----0----0-----------------------------||-1----7----1----5------3----0----2-----------------------------||-2----7----2----7------0----0----2-----------------------------||------7---------7------0----2----2-----------------------------||------5---------5------2----2----0-----------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: D Dno3 I'll save you D G An echo from my heart D Dno3 And I'll paint you D Em A A dreamscape on your bedroom wall Chorus: D A Pretend you're not alone G A D Dno3 Like you are center-stage on Broadway D A 'Cause when you're on your own G A D Dno3 A little opera goes a long way Intro Verse 2: D Dno3 I'll meet you D G Where the page proclaims the end D Dno3 And I'll make due D Em A With the fractions my reactions bend Chorus Bridge 1: D Dno3 I'll capsize this high rise G A And weld the cable car D Dno3 And I'll drive down G To some southwestern town A And end up where you are D Dno3 G D Dno3 G A x2 Chorus Bridge 2: D Dno3 I'll reset your silhouette G A And be your parasol D Dno3 So hold onto your florescent view G A And if you slip and fall D I will catch you
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