Skyclad - Quantity Time tab

Quantity Time
by Skyclad

released in 1996 on the album
Irrational Anthems

written by S. Ramsey
lyrics by M. Walkyier

Tabbed by Francisco Rocha

Main riff Repeat all through the songE----------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------G-----------------------------4---5------------D-------7-3-3/5-------7-3-3/5---7--------------A--5--5-----------5-5--------------------------E----------------------------------------------
2xE----------------------------------------------B----------------------------------------------G--------------------------------------------o-D------------5-------------------------------o-A--5-5-7-7-8---8-7-----------------------------E---------------------------------------------- This riff goes where Martin sings: (each moment in your company... )
I know there are some parts missing, but I just can't figure them out, please help me with them. e-mail:
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