Skydiggers – 80 Odd Hours tab

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From: (Murray Heather E)

80 ODD HOURS - SKYDIGGERS (from Just Over this Mountain)

(When I saw them play this, Peter Cash had his guitar capoed at the 4th fret.
When strumming the G chord, periodically lift and hammer down on the 6th
and 5th strings. The chord changes are fairly slow leaving a lot of open
strings being strummed. This is from memory, and just the acoustic so
feel free to E-mail any corrections or comments.(sans castigation please)
Have Fun.
David Bruce -

I've got (G) 2000 miles til I'm (G) home.(fast C optional then back to G)
I got (C) eighty odd hours til I'm (G) home
I've smoked (C) 2 packs of (G) cigarettes, I've heard (C) 25 (G) tapes
I still got (G) 80 odd (D) hours til I'm (G) home.

I've got pictures of my girl who's at home
I've got pictures of my girl who's all alone.
I've drank 12 cups of coffee, read four magazines
Still got 80 odd hours til I'm home

I said Mr. Bus driver could you go fast?
Cause Mr. Bus driver I'm fading fast.
I've been trying to write a letter, cause I just can't forget her
Would you tell me that we're just minutes from my home?

Well out the window I see things I've seen before.
Stop the bus, I'll get my bags, Open the door. (STOP)
Well I don't know if I was dreamin' but I heard somebody screamin'
20 more hours til I'm home.

Well I saw my girl she was standing in the rain
With a smile on her face, it looks the same
She kind of took my breath away, couldn't think of a thing to say
She said man, it's good to have you home
She said man, it's good to have you home
She said man, it's good to have you home.
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