Skyway Flyer - Ill See Her There tab

Ill See Her There - Skyway Flyer
Bsus7          -E-          Bsus5          F#min7

E          A4          B/F

E          Bsus4          Bsus2          E          A4

Bsus7          -E-          Bsus5          F#min7


Solo:E ------7h9-7------------------------------------7h9-7-------------12-11h12-11--|B -7h9--------7--7/9-7--5-4h5-4-------7h9----------7--7/9-7---------------------|G ------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
bE ------7h9-7--------------7--9--9/11--14--9--9/11--7---------7-9-9~~7----------------|B -7h9---------7--7/9-7-------------------------------------7h9~~------------7--5--4--|G ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Chords used: Bsus7 779977 -E- 669*00 Bsus5 557755 F#min7 002222 E 022100 A4 002200 B/F 223442 Bsus4 446644 Bsus2 224422 F7 799877 Notes: In the -E- chord, the * represents the 10th fret. So its 669(10)00. I couldnt find the names for all the chords so I know the names are not all correct. I also know this isnt exactly how Jason plays it, but I think it is close enough to play along with the song. Corrections are more than welcomed! Hope this helps
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