Skyway Flyer – Musical Thoughts From Places tab

Musical Thoughts From Places - Skyway Flyer (Jason Munday)
This is an instrumental piece I believe meant for 3 guitars as most of the parts overlap 
each other. Hope this helps!

part 1: (guitar 1)Time in song 0:04-3:20E-3p0-3----------------|B-3-----3---3---3------|G---------0---0---0----|D----------------------| repeats through songA-3--------------------|E----------------------|
part 2: (guitar 2) *Listen to song for rhythm,check chords used section* Time in song 0:53-1:32 and 2:29-2:52 C D Cadd9 repeat as necessary
part 3: (guitar 3)Time in song 1:09-2:20E-------------------------|B-------------------------|G-------------------------|D--7/9-7-----7/9-7-5------| repeat through songA--------------------5----|E-------------------------|
part 4: (guitar 2)Time in song 1:32-1:54E-3-2-0------0-2---|B-------3--3-------|G------------------| repeat as necessaryD------------------|A------------------|E------------------|
On last repetition of Part 4, play:E-3-2-0----|B-------3--|G----------|D----------|A----------|E----------|
Chords Used: C x32033 D xx0232 Cadd9 x32030
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